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San Marino Eu Association Agreement

In general, the EU, in its agreements with third countries, aims to ensure a balance between benefits and obligations. This is usually done through a comprehensive agreement or a number of agreements. However, the picture of relations between the EU and AMS member states is rather unclear with regard to full, uniform and practical application, as well as areas of interest to the EU and AMS member states. Common rules, such as money and taxation of savings income, are of interest to the EU. As far as the former is concerned, this is quite understandable, because the main objective of the EU is to protect its currency and to maintain control over each other. That is why the EU has deliberately committed itself to unifying relations with small states in order to preserve their interests in a safe currency area, with the same obligations for all `eurozone countries`. In the latter area too, the EU has virtually identical austerity agreements with AMS countries (such as Liechtenstein and Switzerland). His interests in the AMS states were obviously defensive. On the other hand, legal relations in areas of interest to small countries are far from uniform.

There are many differences in the free movement of people (particularly Schengen), social security and trade. whereas. B products manufactured in Monaco are concluded under free trade agreements concluded by the EU with third countries, they are not automatically considered EU products when they come from Andorra or San Marino. Products manufactured in the latter two countries must be explicitly included in these agreements. The Council`s conclusions represent a significant breakthrough in relations between San Marino and the EU, as they strengthen the political will to start negotiations on the implementation of an association agreement that would allow San Marino to become more integrated into the European internal market. From what is known about the AA project, it generally follows known models of participation in the EU single market. In this respect, of course, I remember the EEA agreement first, because it is generally the test of these agreements. With regard to the scope and content of the project, it essentially follows the EEA agreement, which covers the four freedoms (goods, people, services and capital), competition and related issues and horizontal policies. In addition, a chapter on cooperation has been inserted. It concerns cooperation in the fight against fraud and good governance in tax matters. In order to take into account the fundamental differences between the three countries in their relations with the EU, there are three protocols for each of the three AMS countries.

On 1 October, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs met in the afternoon with diplomatic representatives of the EU`s accredited Member States to obtain the usual update of the process of association of the Republic of San Marino with the EU. The European Union welcomed these activities and, after an evaluation and discussion phase, reached a conclusion to meet the needs of the three countries: „The Council reaffirms that a closer association of Andorra, Monaco and San Marino with the EU is also in the interest of the EU itself.