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Tbt Agreement Ppt

2 WTO Scenario WTO Implementation – Removing trade barriers Creating a global market with equal access to all quality countries, Health – Safety – Environmental Issues Are Becoming More Important The Role of Standards in Both Mandatory Use of Decanttogene Procedures – CA Rules and disciplines on non-tariff agreements – SPS, TBT – PSI , are primarily aimed at protecting the interests of foreign suppliers 15 examples in Peru – Shoe labelling for „country of origin“ and Corporate Tax Number Products have at least 60% shelf life before imports BIS Certification Label – Implementing Less Cumbersome Procedures Evaluation contracts 10 transparency notifications, new and amended measures are notified by members of the WTO secretariat`s OBT committee, to be submitted to members, translated versions, upon request and in deviation from international standards , with sufficient notification to allow for adaptation to this data. If technical regulations deviate from international standards, exporters` comments must also be remediated A point of contact to be addressed – a point of contact that responds to all reasonable requests provides documentation on technical rules, standard procedures and that; all agreements that need to be notified to the secretariat 19 Other key features of notificationsThe contact point to be contacted responds to all appropriate requests containing documents relating to technical regulations, standards and CA procedures; all technical assistance agreements to be notified to the Secretariat are granted to developing countries in the area of the creation of ANNS, participation in standardization, the development of technical rules, the establishment of CA monitoring bodies, public order methods, etc. of Article 2.3 of the SPS agreement, without unjustified discrimination between members subject to identical or similar conditions. , including their own territory and other members, no disguised restrictions on international trade. . 51 – ≈ What are the main differences between the OBT and SPS agreements in terms of harmonization? 33 Art. III:4 of GATT 1994 „Products from the territory of one Member State imported into the territory of another Member are not treated less favourably than those used for the sale, purchase, transport, distribution or use of similar products of domestic origin with respect to all laws, regulations and requirements relating to their internal sale.“ … Is there an international standard? Is that a relevant standard? Slides 30 21 „Characteristics“Symbols of Terminology Packaging marking or labelling requirements Peru`s claim – Peru argued: that the EC Regulation is not in accordance with Articles 2.4, 2.2 and 2.1 of the OBT Agreement – Article III:4 of GATT 1994 Dia 21 11 Equivalence of technical requirements Accept them as equivalent technical requirements of other members, even if they deviate from their , if they are convinced that they are properly meeting the objectives of their own regulations (Article 2.7 example) – car emission values controlled by catalysts, can also be obtained, objectively, by the use of diesel engines (EC-sardines, ABR Para.