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Eu Partnership And Cooperation Agreement

From the entry into force of this Agreement, Russia shall accord to companies and nationals of the Community treatment no less favourable than that which it accords to a third country under bilateral agreements on the recognition and protection of intellectual, industrial and commercial property. CONSIDERING the commitment of the Community and its Member States acting within the framework of the European Union under the Treaty on European Union of 7 February 1992 and of Russia to strengthen the political and economic freedoms which form the basis of the partnership, these agreements have been signed in recent history within the framework of two EU policies: the Stabilisation and Association Process (SAp) and the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). This Agreement shall not affect the rights guaranteed to them by agreements guaranteed to them by agreements between one or more Member States, on the one hand, and Russia, on the other, except in areas falling within the competence of the Community and without prejudice to the obligations of the Member States under this Agreement in areas within their competence. 2. This Title of Title V shall not be interpreted as preventing the Parties from adopting or applying measures to prevent tax evasion or avoidance, in accordance with the tax provisions of the double taxation conventions and other tax regimes or with national tax law. Wishing to establish close cooperation in the field of environmental protection, taking into account the interdependencies between the parties in this field, I recall our common desire to facilitate the ongoing nuclear disarmament process by all feasible means. We have agreed to take all necessary measures to conduct consultations with all countries concerned if it is found that the implementation of the respective bilateral and multilateral agreements seriously harms or is likely to harm the organs of the parties. In order to ensure the achievement of the objectives set out in an agreement and to facilitate cooperation, a Cooperation Council shall be established for each PCA. Such cooperation shall aim, inter alia, at modernising and restructuring the construction sector in Russia, in accordance with the principles of the market economy and taking due account of health, safety and environmental aspects. Taking into account the respective experience, competence and possibilities of the Member States and the Community, cooperation in this field, supported by Community technical assistance, shall cover in particular: (2) Industrial cooperation initiatives shall take account of the priorities set by the Community and Russia. Initiatives should aim, inter alia, at creating an appropriate framework for businesses, improving management know-how and promoting transparency of markets and conditions for businesses. BEARING IN MIND the usefulness of the Agreement in fostering a gradual rapprochement between Russia and a wider field of cooperation in Europe and neighbouring regions and the gradual integration of Russia into the open international trading system, cooperation in the above-mentioned areas will be based on close consultations and interaction and will provide technical and administrative assistance, in particular: Cooperation shall aim at developing efficient statistical systems, ensuring the compatibility of statistical data in terms of information and programming, providing in a timely manner reliable statistics necessary to support and monitor economic cooperation between the Parties and the process of economic reform in Russia, and contributing to the development of private enterprise in Russia.

The Parties undertake to examine, where appropriate, the development of the relevant titles of this Agreement, and in particular Title III and Article 53 thereof, with a view to the creation of a free trade area between them, to conclude, where appropriate, agreements and to conclude agreements with Russia in order to avoid double taxation in so far as circumstances permit. . . .