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Force Someone Into Agreement

If you think you were forced to sign a contract that wasn`t in your best interest, you can take steps to invalidate it. However, it is considered valid until you prove otherwise. For example, if you are sued for breach of the contractual terms, you could argue that you signed it under duress or undue influence. It`s a good idea to work with a lawyer if you`re involved in a contractual dispute like this. The counterpart does not include a commitment already mentioned in the Treaty. However, it may be available if both parties can benefit from the contract. For example, B agrees to do A`s homework for a week for $200. But B wants $300 instead, so A agrees if B also does A`s laundry. This would lead to a valid agreement with consideration. Being pressured, signing a contract under duress, also called coercion, means that you are signing it against your will. In extreme cases, a party may threaten physical violence or even death unless you sign. Psychological pressure or lies about what might happen if you don`t sign can also be considered coercion. An example of coercion might be to say to someone, „If you don`t agree to these terms, you`ll be on the verge of financial ruin.“ Brett, the schoolyard tyrant, shoots Mark to the side and threatens to beat him if he doesn`t allow him to copy his homework.

Mark knows it`s a violation of school policy to help another student cheat, but he also doesn`t want another bloody nose; So he gives in and gives his homework to Brett. This is a classic example of coercion where a party uses intimidation or threats to force someone to act against their will. However, if you feel that you were coerced or forced to sign a contract because the other party had an influence on you, made threats, if you did not or if you depended on it in some way and you felt that you had to sign the agreement because of this dependence, there may be some constraint. No, that is not acceptable. You can try to convince or influence someone to sign a contract, but the decision must ultimately be up to them. You should be able to read and understand the contract before signing the document. If you feel compelled to sign the document, you should seek the help of a lawyer familiar with contractual rights. The fact that you are more important or powerful than someone to force them to do what you want By hiring an experienced lawyer, you can determine if you have reached an agreement under duress. Coercion can be demonstrated if the party demonstrates the existence of a contract between the parties, if one party threatened to terminate the contract, and if the other party accepted the agreement by coercion. It can be difficult to see if the constraint applies to a situation. Informally, if someone crosses something with power or influence, they push someone else to accept it, although they don`t really want it.