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Hold Harmless Agreement For Early Occupancy

Compensation refers to the party that is protected in the agreement and the indemnitee is the party that offers protection. Fast forward to 8 pm and I received a furious call from the buyer`s real estate agent saying that buyers will be homeless from tomorrow and that their trucks had already given the order to deliver the buyer`s belongings tomorrow – at the same time that my belongings would have moved! The real estate agent said he wrote a harmless agreement and emailed it to me – but the email address he sent it to wasn`t mine. My real estate agent was copied, but she didn`t pass it on to me. Now buyers say I have to at least let them move in tomorrow to make the deal, because their movers can`t keep it to themselves and they have a small child. A child or a child should not be involved. As someone who has moved too often, his plan game is clearly weak. Yesterday, buyers found me on Facebook and messaged me asking if they could pay me $1,000 to move on Friday. I said no and they offered $2500. I said no again (and now I realize I should have blocked them then and there.) They kept putting pressure on me, and I was excited and went to meetings most of the day, and they offered a decent amount of $, so I told them to call my dad, who is co-owner of the property.

Apparently, my father told them that I might be able to adapt, but buyers would have to find licensed and related moving means that could move and store all my belongings and deliver them to my new address with only 24 hours notice, and they would have to sign a harmless agreement to be verified by my lawyer. and pay me a non-refundable deposit of 1000 USD. WTF? I don`t know what to do. I want to sell the house, but I feel bad and I don`t want these people to move in before closing, but I feel compelled to leave them at least until Wednesday – but I don`t even really want to. I realize I talking to them, but I don`t know what to do. My house has crates everywhere and I`m not able for Mover to get by with other people`s stuff. Which cluster. Oh, and the buyer never handed over that $1,000 and I still haven`t seen some kind of liability exemption, and I doubt my lawyer can drop everything tomorrow to see an authorization.

A Hold Harmless agreement may otherwise not be applicable in certain situations. For example, if it was found that the compensater was negligent or that there had been accidents, for example. B due to faulty equipment, inadequate attention or poor maintenance. Just because the other broker has drawn up a contract doesn`t mean it won`t be enforceable unless you`ve signed it. That`s right. Why do they pay to set you up instead of themselves? I don`t know where you are, but as soon as you accept money to let them in, places can consider them your tennant. Therefore, if the closure disintegrates (and they sometimes do), you may need to go through an evacuation process just to get it….