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Sponsorship Agreement Right Of First Refusal

Sponsorship marketing allows companies to pay to participate in events or usefully access your audience. This can be done through events, database marketing, contests, naming rights and can be non-profit or for-profit and allow companies to stick to appropriate target groups to target them. Sponsorship opportunities offer companies the opportunity to participate in activities and at different levels of participation, in order to increase brand awareness, create product loyalty and connect to their target market. There have been cases where a sponsor told the Sponsee that it was very close to allowing the extension again and again, burning precious time and citing the first right of refusal, which, in fact, caused the sponsorship applicant not to approach anyone. They then make a flashback at the last minute and effectively block sponsorship by competitors without investing any money. Sponsorship deals are common for sports stars. The right of pre-emption is a valuable defensive advantage for a sponsor that guarantees him the possibility of verifying and registering a new sponsorship at the end of the contract before being offered to a competitor. In the case of sponsorship contracts, the issue of exclusivity leads to many disputes. In cases where a licensor has multiple events throughout the year, there may be a misunderstanding that the licensee has exclusive sponsorship rights to each event, unlike one or more selected events.

This can serve as a basis for a lengthy dispute that could have been easily resolved through regular negotiations in the early stages of the agreement. An obvious but essential area of the agreement to be examined is the financial utility for both the sponsor and the athlete. Financial issues such as the cost of the sponsorship agreement, the method of payment, the basis for setting the amount (e.g. salary, commission or both), the number of payments, the payment period and the tax debt and impact should all be settled at an early stage of the agreement. Let`s be clear, most sponsors wouldn`t bow to these types of bastards, but some sponsors are slow and bureaucratic, and you don`t want to be in a position where the first right of refusal limits your ability to do your job. This business reality means that we cannot renew you for a sponsorship similar to your current investment. But we`d like you to consider a more comprehensive investment – something that brings better returns to your brand. Can we take the time to discuss your needs and priorities for the future? This allows us to create both a tailor-made offer and a number of ideas on how you can use the largest volume of referrals. A similar problem that arises is that of non-competing sponsors. A licensee will want to avoid the fact that there are many sponsors at the same event who advertise or sell products in the same market as them.

This can lead to a cluster that leads to less effective marketing. Sponsorship agreements may also contain a provision stating that „X“ is the dominant sponsor and as such, it must have more signage or impressions than any other sponsor at the event, regardless of the market sector. This is a provision similar to that of the right of pre-emption; It is different, however, as it aims to protect the athlete more than the sponsor.