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Tolling And Standstill Agreement

1. A reference or description of the underlying relationship between the parties. 2. A statement on matters subject to a standstill period between the parties. 3. The date of entry into force of the standstill period, the duration of the standstill period and whether and how the standstill period may be extended. 4. A statement indicating the prescribed acts (e.g. B the initiation or continuation of an appeal) during the standstill period and if the corresponding limitation periods are prescribed.

(5) one or more of the parties accept, taking into account the standstill period, limitations on ancillary services (e.g. B no transactions outside normal management or no change in the direction of the company). 6. A declaration of mutual commitments during the standstill period, for example. B the requirement that the parties agree to negotiate or communicate the issues in dispute. 7. . .