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Vendor Rebate Agreement Sample

If the receivables have been approved, they can be processed by credit accounting (A/P). A credit (credit bill) for the amount of the discount entitlement is generated automatically. The credit can then be added to the credit balance and the A/P team can include it in the regular settlement process. In the Value and Value fields, enter the range of values that qualifies for the discount amount for this line. You can enter multiple thresholds for a discount agreement. For example, you can get a discount for the purchase of 100 widgets and another discount for the purchase of 500 widgets. If you enter multiple thresholds, you must enter thresholds or amounts in ascending order. You can specify the basis for calculating the discount in the Debit field. Enter the identifier of the credit account or credit discount group that offers the discount. If a supplier offers you a discount for the purchase of certain goods and services, prepare a discount agreement. You can have an unlimited number of discount agreements for each supplier. For each agreement, provide the basic information, for example.B.: Check on the Procurement and Purchase Settings page in the Pricing tab if the Enable Pricing Details option is set to yes.

If the option is no, you cannot view discounts. In the list of discounts, select the line, and then select Discount Operations in the activity area to view and navigate the log number for that discount reservation. Created – Use the order creation date to determine if the purchase is within the validity period of the discount contract. The order date must be within the validity dates indicated for the contract. You must enter the total amount of the discount or percentage receivable for each threshold, regardless of other thresholds for which you may have already received a discount. Example: On the Credit Reduction Agreements page, you can view details about the negotiated terms of a supplier agreement. Invoice – The amount of the discount is calculated for individual invoices when these invoices are issued. Purchases are not cumulative. The vendor discount payment process includes several manual follow-up tasks, often laborious. By automating these tasks, the credit remittance management feature can help you go through the following processes: If the credit bill is booked automatically or manually, the creditor`s credit account has been debited and the „Discounts and Allowances“ account has been credited…